• Suzanne Burrows


I've seen a copy of my book and OMG it's real. I feel like I'm the Twilight Zone. I can't believe that it's happened. I'm a published author. I have just spoken to my publisher, who has explained a few things about Amazon.

THE DIVIDED is available on Amazon but it will show as temporarily unavailable or out of stock; simply because it is new and Amazon will not keep stock until people show an interest.

It's a supply on demand publication. So yes you can order it. Its all done on an algorithm.

So demand it people. Demand it right away!!

The Kindle version will be available in approximately two weeks.

In the meantime, in case you missed it, which is doubtful as I've posted it everywhere today. Here is a picture of the merchandise one of you lovely people will win on 3rd August (website subscribers only). Have a great weekend.

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