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Update- THE DIVIDED - soon to be published

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Hi All

Welcome to my very first blog. It was supposed to be quite general. Who I am. What what my book is about. But, this afternoon things took an unexpected turn.

But first with the general stuff.

I'm an east London girl (well woman if specifics are essential). I'm a wife, mum, step-mum and nan. OK, the girl bit has been chucked out the window. I'm a diabetic. I suffer from anxiety. My day job is a secretary/administrator. But like many others out there an office job isn't where I feel I should be. I'm a writer. Always have been, but in a few weeks, I shall be a published author.

My book The Divided began life five years ago when I entered it into a local novel competition - Pen to Print Book Challenge run by my local Libraries Service. At that time it was called Green Haven. It's a haunted house horror. The original story was set in modern times with just a couple of chapters set in the 19th Century. I was shortlisted in that competition, and part of the prize was that we could have our book published. I didn't take them up on it as I wanted to try and find an agent. Through the next few years, my novel went through multiple revisions, changing the story dramatically and is now is split between my two main characters in the present date and the 19th Century.

Now here we are still un-agented but exceptionally proud of my book, so I have returned to the lovely people at Pen to Print who are publishing it. YAY. It should be out in the world in just a few weeks.

One of my friends contacted her local BBC radio station a couple of months ago for a segment they call UPLOAD, which is a chance for creative people to showcase their work to MILLIONS. I thought well I'll give it a shot. If it got picked, it would be nice for someone to read my words. So last week I uploaded the first chapter of my book to BBC London's site and today they called me. Me! Robert Elm's will be interviewing me on his show this Wednesday (94.9FM). His show starts at 10am and I hope to be able to update you on this blog, after the producer has called me tomorrow to say when exactly I shall be on. I will also be reading a couple of pages from my book. I hope you'll all tune in to hear me.



The update is that there is no update. So tune in from 10am tomorrow.

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