• Suzanne Burrows


I won’t lie to you—writing is hard.

Writing while suffering from an invisible chronic illness is harder.

Pile on top of that: writing in a pandemic, then you have a total breakdown (writing-wise). So forget it.

But I can’t forget it.

I have to write.

A couple of months ago, I started a new novel. I was excited about it. I felt like I had an original premise that had a fantastic twist. It started well. I’m not the type of writer than can write several thousands of words a day (I’m in total awe of those people and I know a couple), but I was happy with my progress.

But then my diabetes side effects seemed to be increasing, and my anxiety/depression was getting out of control. I couldn’t seem to write anymore. Writing has been my one constant (supportive family aside). If nothing else I could immerse myself in my fictional worlds and characters—but this time I couldn’t. Add on top of that a possible case of Long Covid.

Rewind the clock to Christmas 2019, before we knew what Coronovirus even was, I was struck down by an illness: fever, vomiting, headaches, chills and the cough from hell. Sound familiar? I can’t say 100% if that is what I had, but it’s a huge possibility. So it's possible that my symptoms which had increased a considerable amount might not even be from my diabetes at all.

Back to February 2021. My writing has come to an abrupt stop, and the blank page was taunting me. Writing the new novel was too much right now, but I needed to write. So that manuscript has been put in the side drawer for now—I fully intend to return to it in a few months.

Out comes the first book I’d ever written. I can’t believe how much my writing has changed. My vampire book, which I loved and submitted to agents a few years ago, but due to the whole Twilight phenomenon, Vampires were no longer being picked up by agents or publishers. It broke my heart at the time.

I still love the story, and I need that book back in my life, so out it has come. I’m rewriting it. My style and writing knowledge have improved, and I have no idea if I’ll get to the point of subbing it again or if it’s just to mend my creative mind.

Only time will tell.

THE DIVIDED - Available on Amazon - Paperback £9.99/Kindle £4.99

THE DIVIDED - Signed Copies available at £8.00. Please email on for more information (UK Only).

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